7 Best Magento Hosting Providers (June 2024)

Magento is the most powerful and easy-to-use eCommerce solution worldwide. The reason behind this huge popularity is their customizable features which suit every store owner’s needs.

To get behind the success of your Magento store, choosing the best Magento hosting providers plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both you and your customers.

A top-class Magento hosting service provides you with high performance, security, reliability and scalability. But choosing the right and best Magento hosting provider is difficult and time-consuming.

But you don’t need to worry about anything, In this article We’ll share the 7 best Magento hosting providers in 2024, who give you top-notch services and features to make your Magento store a success.

Editor's Choice

When comparing the website speed, Liquid Web is top for its super-fast loading time. And they offer super fast web hosting for the Magento store.

#2nd Best Choice

If you want a separate server for your website and want the best Magento hosting, then we highly recommend you go with the Cloudways Magento Plan.

#3rd Best Choice

WPEngine is one of the most well-known web hosting providers, offering top-class web hosting services. Their web hosting is best for your Magento stores.

Before starting the article it will be better to give you a quick overview of our 7 best hosting for Magento stores:

1. Liquid Web

2. Cloudways

3. WPEngine

4. Hostinger

5. HostGator

6. Dreamhost

7. InMotion Hosting

Liquid Web Magento Hosting

Liquid Web is my top choice if you’re looking for the best Magento hosting provider to scale your business to the next level.

They offer managed Magento hosting for stores selling at full throttle. With their Nexcess brand and backed by a team of experts, they provide fast, scalable hosting solutions that help you easily handle traffic spikes.

They use the latest technology such as SSH Access, M2 and M1 Tech Support, and NGINX Caching for faster website speed. They also offer Free SSL certificates, Elasticsearch, and a CDN powered by Cloudflare to increase website security and performance.

Liquid Web offers up to 99.9999% uptime guarantee, which is one of the highest in the industry, and their award-winning customer support is available 24/7/365 to assist you with any queries or issues.

Pros and Cons



Liquid Web Magento Hosting pricing plan

Liquid Web Magento hosting pricing plan is a little bit higher than a traditional web hosting provider, but the performance you’ll get is worth the price.

Their most affordable plan XS comes at $37.20/month and offers 50GB storage, 1000GB bandwidth, 25 PHP workers per plan, 50 autoscaled PHP workers per plan, Elasticsearch for M2.4+, and Can handle up to 11 sites.

Liquid Web’s most advanced plan comes at $542.40/month and offers 800GB storage, 10TB bandwidth, 150 PHP workers per plan, 175autoscaled PHP workers per plan, Elasticsearch for M2.4+, and Can handle up to 51 sites.

Cloudways Magentor Hosting plan

If you’re looking for the best cloud-based Magento hosting provider with budget-friendly prices then Cloudways is the perfect choice for you.

They offer managed hosting solutions on top cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode with fast page loading times and a user-friendly platform.

Cloudways help you to complete your eCommerce dream with a 1-click installation, and you create your Magento store within 10 minutes.

And all of their Magento hosting plan comes with 3 days of free trial, so you check their performance. And best part is it doesn’t require any credit or debit card information.

Pros and Cons



Cloudways Magentor Hosting pricing plan

Cloudways allows their user to create a customizable pricing plan, so they can choose how much RAM, server storage, and core CPU they need.

Their most affordable DigitalOcean plan comes at $14/month and offers 1GB of RAM, 1 Core CPU, 25GB of storage, 1TB bandwidth, and more.

Their most advanced Google Cloud plan comes at $1,593.58/month and offers 64GB of RAM, 64 Core CPU, 20GB storage, 2TB bandwidth, and more.


WPEngine is another powerful eCommerce solution and provides the best hosting services for your Magento store.

Their hosting platform is designed and optimized for WordPress, but they also offer enterprise-grade managed Magento hosting solutions with fast page loading times, security, and reliability.

Most of the well-known brands are using their web hosting services for their Magento store because of the advanced technology, faster loading time and high-end eCommerce security.

Pros and Cons



WPEngine Pricing Plan

WPEngine offers four different Magento hosting plans starting at $20/month for the Essential WordPress plan, which includes 1 website, 10GB of storage, 50GB of bandwidth, and 25,000 visits.

The Essential eCommerce plan comes at $50/month and offers 3 websites, 15GB storage, 125GB bandwidth, and can handle up to 75,000 visits.

If you want to add an additional site, then it’ll cost you an extra $17/month.

Hostinger Magento Hosting

If you’re looking for an affordable & best hosting company for Magento store, then Hostinger is the best option for you.

Hostinger offers everything you need to launch your first Manento store, such as Free automatic weekly backups, Free real-time snapshots, AI Assistant and many more premium features.

Their control panel (hPanel) is the most advanced and easy-to-use control from all the web hosting providers, and it’s very beginner-friendly.

All of their plans come with 30-day money-back guarantee, and 24/7 dedicated customer support, which makes it the best budget-friendly hosting provider for Magento.

Pros and Cons



Hostinger Magento Hosting Plan

Hostinger offers four different plans for Magento stores starting at $4.99/month for the KVM1 Hosting plan, which includes 1 vCPU core, 4GB of RAM, 50GB of NVMe SSD storage, 4TB of bandwidth, and much more features.

Their most advanced KVM8 plan comes at $19.99/month and offers an 8 vCPU core, 32GB of RAM, 400GB NVMe SSD storage, and 32TB bandwidth.

HostGator Magento hosting

HostGator is another most powerful for eCommerce solutions, and it comes with multiple hosting options such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and cloud hosting for the Magento store.

Their optimized Magento web hosting plans come with a free domain name with an SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, dedicated eCommerce features, 24/7 customer support and many more premium features.

HostGator is known for its affordable prices and high-quality services which makes them a popular choice for small businesses and startups looking to launch their Magento store.

And their dedicated customer support team response time is less than 1 minute, which is a huge plus for any business owner.

Pros and Cons



HostGator Magento hosting pricing

HostGator offers two different Magento hosting plans starting at $9.95/month for the Online store plan, which includes Online Store Website, Website Analytics, 40 GB SSD Storage, Free Domain 1st Year and more

Their most advanced Online store + Marketplace plan comes at $12.95/month and offers unlimited websites, website analytics, 100 GB SSD Storage, Free Domain 1st Year and many more premium features.

HostGator also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee for their customers.

Dreamhost VPS

Dreamhost is another affordable solution for those who are looking for the best Magento hosting provider.

Their shared hosting plans come with a one-click Magento installer, 24/7 customer support, free SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth.

But if you’re looking for more advanced features and options then Dreamhost also offers VPS hosting, dedicated servers and cloud hosting solutions for Magento stores.

Their easy-to-use control panel and user-friendly interface make it a great choice for beginners and small businesses. And their 97 days money-back guarantee is the longest in the industry, showing their confidence in their services.

Pros and Cons



Dreamhost VPS Pricing

Dreamhost Magento’s suitable plan comes with four different pricing plans, and their pricing plan start from $10/month and go up to $80/month.

Their most budget-friendly VPS basic plan comes at $10/month and offers 1GB of RAM, 30GB SSD storage, Unlimited websites, unlimited traffic, a free SSL certificate and much more.

And the most advanced VPS Enterprise plan comes at $80/month and offers 8GB of RAM, 240 GB SSD storage, unlimited websites, unlimited traffic and much more.

InMotionHosting magento plan

InMotionHosting is another powerful hosting solution for Magento store owners.

Their web hosting plans offer some of the best features such as pre-installed Magento, a free SSL certificate, free DDoS protection, free transfer, dedicated IP, different control panels, large disk space and bandwidth, and 24/7 customer support.

InMotion Hosting Magento hosting comes with an optimized Magento stack, SSH access, PHP version control, and support for M1 and M2, which makes it an ideal choice for Magento store owners.

Pros and Cons



InMotionHosting magento pricing

InMotion Hosting offers four different plans for Magento hosting starting at $14.99/month for the VPS 4 vCPU plan, which includes 8GB of RAM, 160GB disk space, 5TB bandwidth and email accounts, free SSL certificate and much more.

Their most advanced VPS 16 vCPU plan comes at $44.99/month and offers 32GB of RAM, 400GB NVMe disk space, 10 dedicated IP addresses, free DDoS Protection and much more.

FAQ About Magneto Hosting

Liquid Web is the best Magento hosting provider on our list for its premium features and advanced server configurations specifically designed for Magento stores.

Yeah! Hostinger is best for any kind of Magento store, and it’s much more affordable and comes with all the necessary features for a Magento store.

Magento store needs high server configurations for its performance, customization and security purposes which makes it expensive compared to other eCommerce platforms.

A lot of eCommerce giant such as AMD, Ford Accessories, Bulgari, Coca-Cola, Olympus, Asus, HP, and many more use Magento for their online stores.


Hope this article helps you to find the best hosting company for your Magento stores. We talk about 7 different Magento hosting provider, their features, prices and pros and cons.

If you want to know our top recommendation, then we told you to go with Liquid Web for their advanced server configurations and dedicated eCommerce features.

And if you’ve a tight budget and looking for an affordable option, then Hostinger is the perfect home for your Magento stores.

This tutorial help you to find the best Magento hosting provider and make your business more successful. But if you’ve any further questions about Magento hosting then feel free to leave a comment below.

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