What is Cloud Hosting? Is it the Best Hosting For You?

Cloud hosting is another popular solution well known for providing the best performance and scalability. It has gained popularity recently due to its numerous benefits over traditional hosting options.

Shared/Web Hosting might be your best choice if you just start your online journey. But when your little website grows, you need more hosting requirements, like more server space, bandwidth, and resources.

With cloud hosting, your website is hosted in a virtual space, which combines multiple physical servers. This means your website is not reliant on a single server, making it more resilient to traffic spikes and other technical issues.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about what is cloud hosting. How does Cloud Hosting Work? Type of Cloud Hosting? Is Cloud Hosting the best option for you and more?

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting refers to web hosting where websites are stored on multiple servers. This helps a website achieve better scalability and performance as the website can quickly access more resources when needed.

If you host your website on Cloud Hosting, you can use all your Hosting Space bandwidth compared to other hosting especially shared hosting. In cloud hosting, your website is not limited to a single server but can use multiple servers based on its resource needs.

The essential advantage of cloud hosting lies in its flexibility and scalability. It’s easy to upscale or downscale resources based on your website’s needs.

Notably, this hosting type provides higher resilience to technical failures, making it suitable for websites with high traffic or complex operations.

How Does Cloud Hosting Work?

Cloud hosting uses a network of servers to host a website or application instead of just one. These servers are interconnected, hence forming the ‘cloud’.

Each server in the cloud stores a mirrored copy of your website. When a visitor accesses your site, the server nearest to the visitor’s location delivers the data, ensuring optimal site performance.

In the event of a server failure, the system redirects the traffic to another server in the network. This redundancy helps maintain website uptime and prevents any potential loss of data.

Lastly, because resources are distributed across multiple servers, sites can scale up or down resources quickly and efficiently. This flexibility is a significant advantage for websites with variable traffic patterns.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

The advantages of using cloud hosting are limitless. Suppose your website is growing and getting a good amount of traffic. Then you should upgrade to a Cloud Hosting.

Here are a few reasons why you should go with Cloud Hosting:


Scalability is the main advantage of using cloud hosting. With other hosting types, you must predict your website’s resource needs and upgrade accordingly.

But with cloud hosting, you can upscale or downscale resources on-demand without downtime. As your website grows, it will always have enough resources to handle the increased traffic.

Reliability and performance

If you go with Cloud Hosting, you don’t need to worry about your website performance because all the servers will work together to serve your website data. This leads to higher reliability and better performance for your site.


Cloud hosting is a cost-effective solution as you only pay for the resources you use, unlike traditional hosting plans, where you have to pay for a fixed amount of resources regardless of whether you use them.

This makes it an excellent choice for small businesses or websites with unpredictable traffic patterns, as you can save on hosting costs. DigitalOcean, Cloudways, & Hostinger allow you to purchase Cloud Hosting for less than $10/Month.


In cloud hosting, your data is distributed across multiple servers, making it more challenging for hackers to access. Additionally, most cloud hosting providers offer advanced security measures such as firewalls and encryption to ensure maximum protection of your website and its data.

How to Choose The Best Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is the best hosting for Med or Big Sites. But before you choose Cloud Hosting, consider the following factors.


Performance is the main thing that you need to focus on when you’re going to buy Cloud Hosting. When do you get the best performance?

When your hosting provider offers the best drive (Like SSD or NVMe SSD), RAM, CPU, CDN, and other features.

So, compare the performance of different cloud hosting providers before deciding.

Promotional Gift

Some hosting companies offer gifts like a Domain Name, SSL certificate, CDN, Backup, etc.

If your hosting company offers all of those, it’ll benefit you, and you can save some money.


Security is another crucial thing you need to check when you’re going to buy Cloud Hosting. Check if they provide SSL and firewall protection or not.

Also, check what other security features they offer and how reliable their security measures are.


Uptime is everything for a website; suppose you run a website with good traffic, and suddenly, your website goes down.

In that case, you’ll lose a lot of views & money. So, uptime is a crucial thing to consider when choosing cloud hosting.


Backup is another important feature of cloud hosting. Check if your hosting provider offers daily, weekly, or monthly backups.

Many WordPress plugins are available that help you create your website backup, but if your hosting provider takes this responsibility, you’ll be free from this headache.

Migrations Process

Migration is an essential part of a website owner. If you have a website with traffic & good SEO and need to change your hosting provider, you can’t do so.

So, check if your hosting provider offers any migration service before buying cloud hosting.

Customer Support

Customer is essential when you’re going through problems with your website. Some hosting providers offer 24/7 customer support so you can contact them anytime for help or technical assistance.

And Your Budget

Budget is another essential thing when you’re going to buy cloud hosting. Before choosing a hosting plan, compare different providers’ prices and see which offers the best features within your budget.

Top 3 Recommend Cloud Hosting Providers

Hundreds of Cloud hosting providers are available on the internet, but not all are good for you. In this field, someone offers quality Cloud Hosting but needs better customer support. Also, someone provides excellent customer support, but their servers must be optimised for high-traffic websites.

So, after our research, we recommend you go with one of these providers:

1. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean Web Hosting

DigitalOcean is the most popular name when we talk about cloud hosting. They offer super fast web hosting services at the lowest price possible.

Their pricing plan starts at $4/Month; you can imagine? You get world-class Cloud Hosting for just $4/Month.

DigitalOcean servers are hosted on SSD drives and configured with the latest hardware. Also, they offer many features, such as hourly billing, easy server management through their control panel or API, and a diverse range of data centers worldwide.

Their downside is that they could be simpler for beginners, but many online tutorials can guide you step-by-step.


Cloudways is another excellent provider of cloud hosting owned by DigitalOcean. They offer managed cloud hosting services, which handle your server management tasks.

Their pricing plans start at $14/Month but don’t worry about their service quality because the managed hosting service is worth the higher price.

Cloudways offers top-notch performance with advanced caching technologies, free SSL certificates, and 24/7 expert support. They also have a user-friendly control panel for easy server management.


Hostinger is another budget-friendly cloud hosting provider on the internet and is well known for providing super fast Cloud Hosting services.

Their pricing plan starts at $8.99/Month, and you’ll get a free domain for one year with their plan.

Their servers are hosted on NVMe SSD drives, which ensure excellent performance. They also offer various features like 24/7 customer support, daily backups, and an easy-to-use control panel.

The best part of Hostinger is its control panel, called hPanel, which is user-friendly and offers many features that can be useful for beginners.


This is all for today; I hope you’ve now enough idea What is Cloud Hosting? How Does it work? And more.

We’ve described cloud hosting, its advantages and disadvantages, features to consider when choosing a provider, and our top 3 recommended providers.

The contact form, Livechat, and comment section are open if you need more support. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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