What Is Coupon Code

A coupon code (Promo/discount code) is a simple word, which is combined with letters, numbers, or special characters. That has power, when someone uses a valid coupon code on an ecommerce website checkout page, it reduces a fixed percentage or amount from the total purchase value.

Coupon code is one of the best ways to market any product or service online. It can attract new customers, retain existing ones, and increase sales. Lots of business owners use coupon codes as part of their marketing strategy to attract and engage with potential customers.

Basically, coupon codes will be provided by the retailer or the online business owner to increase their sales and reach without spending a large amount of money on traditional advertising methods. Most users love to get discounts, so using a coupon code will encourage them to make a purchase and increase the chances of repeat business.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss all about a coupon code, how to use it, types of coupons, and benefits of using a coupon code. Hope you guys must enjoy this article.

What Is Coupon Code?

A coupon code is a unique combination of letters or numbers used to get a discount during the checkout process. It’s a virtual ticket or a Code that customers can redeem during checkout to receive promotional benefits like price reductions or free shipping for specific products.

You can find your coupon codes on retailer websites, coupon sites, newsletters, and social media posts. They offer percentage or fixed amount discounts, BOGO deals, or exclusive perks. Checking for restrictions and expiration dates maximizes the benefits of coupon codes.

Coupon codes revolutionize shopping, helping consumers save money and businesses drive sales. They are easily accessible online and enhance the shopping experience by providing discounted prices.

By using or providing coupon codes, two sides of people (customer and business) are benefitted. As a customer, you can save on your purchases by applying the coupon code at checkout. On the other hand, businesses use coupon codes as a marketing strategy to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and promote specific products.

Types Of Coupon Code

In 2024, there are a lot of coupon codes available to get the best deals and discounts. Currently, you can use a coupon code on your online, and even offline purchases.

Here are the some of types coupon code:

Percentage Off

The most commonly used and regular type coupon code is a fixed percentage discount. Some of the online shop owners provide a fixed percentage discount coupon code, the amount of discount starts from 5% and goes up to 50% or 80% for a virtual product.

But some of the coupon code has a limitation, like the coupon code can be reduced $20, 50, or whatever amount.

Free Shipping

Another popular type of coupon code is the Free shipping coupon code. By using those kinds of coupons, you can save your product shipping fees. This type of coupon code works for physical products only.

Buy One, Get One (BOGO)

BOGO (Buy One, Get One) Coupon codes allow customers to buy one product and receive another product for free or at a reduced price. Currently, these coupons are quite popular among retailers and shoppers alike.

First-Time User or New Customer

Many business companies, like Aliexpress, offer exclusive coupon codes for first-time users or new customers. These coupon codes are created to attract new people and convert them into their customers. But their existing user can’t get any discount by using this coupon. 

Referral Codes

Referral coupon codes are an excellent promotional method to attack new people to convert their customers. Suppose that your friend refers you to a shop through his coupon code. After using his coupon, you get a discount or cashback from their store.

Exclusive or Limited-Time

Limited or Exclusive coupon codes attract a specific group or selected area member to be their customer. After the end of the campaign, the coupon code also expired. 

How to Find The Perfect Coupon Code

The best way to find the coupon code is via Google Search. You need to search on Google for the specific coupon code which you want to use.

How to find coupon code

How To Use Coupon Code

A coupon code is the best way to get a discount through any e-commerce website checkout process. 

Here’s a real-life example:

To begin with, you need to get a specific coupon code you want to use. But I’m going with the Hostinger Coupon Code.

Hostinger Coupon Code

To get the Hostinger Coupon Code, go to the Hostinger coupon code page from On this page, you need to find the coupon code which you want to get. After selecting the coupon code, click the Show code button.

Copy Hostinger Coupon Code

After clicking the button, the coupon code will be revealed. Then you need to copy the coupon code and click the visit site button to Hostinger Website.


After coming to the Hostinger website, firstly, you need to select your hosting package. For this article, we’re going with their shared hosting.

Hostinger Package

Then you need to select the plan suitable for your budget and needs.

Apply Coupon Code

After coming to the Hostinger checkout page, paste the coupon code and hit the apply button. 

After applying the coupon code, you’ll get a 10% discount from the Hostinger checkout.

Benefits Of Using A Coupon Code

Many customers wait for the biggest sale, like Black Friday or Cyber Week, to get discounts on their favorite products. But on the other hand, coupon codes will also help generate more sales. Here’s the benefit of using coupon codes as a promotional method. 

Increasing Sell

Coupon codes immediately influence to buy their favorite product and enhance sales figures. By offering discounts or special promotions through these codes, businesses can create a compelling incentive for customers to purchase, increasing conversion rates and driving revenue growth.

According to MarketingPros, 57% of online customers say if they didn’t get any discount then they would not have bought the item(s).

Build Large Customer

Coupon code also plays a pivotal role in building a large customer base on your physical or online shop.

By offering exclusive discounts through these codes, companies can attract new customers who may not have noticed their offerings, expanding their reach and fostering brand loyalty.

Beat The Compitition

Additionally, coupon codes empower businesses to outshine their competitors in the market. In an increasingly crowded landscape, standing out is crucial, and coupon codes can provide the competitive advantage needed. 

By strategically utilizing coupon codes to offer unique discounts or time-sensitive deals, businesses can create a sense of urgency and entice customers to choose their products or services over those of their rivals.


After the “What Is Coupon Code” topic ends, you must know all about the coupon code. If you’re a customer or a business owner, your coupon code will help you. 

As a customer, you’ll get a discount on your favorite product using a coupon code.

Or if you’re an online shop owner or marketing manager, then coupon codes will help you increase your sales and attract many customers. 

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