Why is Hostinger so cheap? (5 Reasons)

Hostinger is one of the most popular web hosting providers, well-known for providing the cheapest web hosting services.

Do you wonder, when most web hosting providers offer their web hosting services at a higher price, how does Hostinger provide such low-cost hosting solutions?

There are a lot of reasons, why Hostinger can offer cheap web hosting services in the market. After completing this article, you will understand why Hostinger is so cheap and whether it’s the right choice for your website.

In this article, We’ll talk about “Why Hostinger is so Cheap?” and break down all the factors that contribute to its affordable pricing.

Breakdown of All the Reasons Why is Hostinger so Cheap

If you want to know how can Hostinger offer the cheapest web hosting services, and what the real reason behind the low cost is, then read on.

Hostinger First-Year Price/Renewal

Product Name First-Year Price/Month Renewal Price/Month
Web Hosting $2.99 $11.99
WordPress Hosting $2.99 $11.99
Cloud Hosting $9.99 $24.99
VPS Hosting $4.99 $13.99
Manage WooCommerce $3.99 $13.99
Website Builder $2.99 $11.99

The real reason why Hostinger can offer their web hosting price at the cheapest price is because of their first-year price/renewal cost.

Hostinger’s most affordable Premium plan costs you $2.99/month, which is a significant amount less than what other hosting providers would charge you for similar services. But when the times come to renew your Premium plan, then the renewal cost will be $11.99/month.

But when talking about the other web hosting providers, then the first-year price and the renewal cost are almost the same.

Hostinger has higher renewal costs compared to other hosting providers, let’s take a quick overview of Hostinger’s first-year pricing plan and the renewal cost.

Low Marketing Cost

Low Marketing cost

Another big reason why Hostinger offers its web hosting services at the cheapest prices is because of its low marketing cost.

When other web hosting providers spend millions of dollars in their marketing campaigns and advertisements to attract potential customers, Hostinger does not rely on marketing to promote its services.

Instead, they focus on providing quality service at affordable prices, which helps Hostinger attract a large number of customers through word-of-mouth recommendations and positive reviews.

When others focus on an advertisement, then Hostinger focuses on affiliate marketing. It’s a great way to convert a huge number of customer traffic into a low-cost program.

Target Low/Mid-Level Websites Owners

Mid level Business

When other web hosting providers target high-end customers with deep pockets, then at the same time Hostinger targets low and mid-level website owners.

We ran a case study on 1000 different mid to high-level websites and the result we got that shocked you. Over 450+ website owners start their online journey with Hostinger.

When someone starts their web hosting journey, then most of them start with a low or mid-level budget. So, choosing the best web hosting providers at affordable prices is impossible.

But they got Hostinger as a perfect web hosting company, because of their budget-friendly web hosting plan, free domain with unlimited SSL certificates, NVMe SSD storage, dedicated IP, daily backups and many more premium features.

Less Customer Support

Less Customer Support Team

In 2024, Hostinger hired a large number of customer support specialists from different countries to provide 24/7 customer support service.

But, they don’t have too many customer support specialists to provide quality customer service via live chat, or email accounts.

Their priority support starts with the Cloud Startup plan, so if you’re choosing a low or mid-level plan from Hostinger, then don’t expect live chat support. But if you go with Hostinger’s lower plan, then you’ll get support with email chat.

This is another cost-cutting strategy that helps Hostinger keep its prices low. Now they embed AI customer support that enables them to resolve clients’ issues 24/7.

Slow Loading Issues

Website Loading Issues

When other web hosting providers like Liquid Web, Cloudways, and WPX offer the best hosting performance, then Hostinger’s server response time is a little bit lower than the hosting giants.

But for this reason, you don’t need to see a big difference when loading your website. You may see a 0.2 to 0.5-second delay when loading a page.

This not only saves Hostinger’s server costs but also helps them keep their prices low.

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