IONOS vs Hostinger: Which Is The Perfect Choice For You?

IONOS and Hostinger are the most popular web hosting companies worldwide. They provide super fast and reliable hosting services at the world’s best price.

Both of these two web hosting company offers their web hosting services at super cheap cost. They also provide a wide range of features and tools that can help you build and manage your website easily.

If you can’t decide, IONOS or Hostinger, Which is best for you? Then today’s comparison tutorial is for you.

In today’s comparison tutorial, I’ll discuss IONOS vs Hostinger: Which one is the best option for you? IONOS and Hostinger overview, features, pricing, performance, security, backups, and more.


IONOS, formerly known as 1&1 IONOS, is a German-based web hosting company that was founded in 1988. It is currently one of the largest hosting companies in Europe and serves millions of customers worldwide.

On the other hand, Hostinger is a Lithuanian-based web hosting company that was founded in 2004. Despite being younger than IONOS, it has gained a significant market share and is currently one of the fastest-growing hosting companies in the world.

Hostinger Overview


Hostinger is one of the most popular web hosting companies worldwide, well known for providing super fast web hosting solutions at affordable prices.

Their most affordable web hosting plan comes with $2.49/Month and offers a free domain name, unlimited SSL certificates & bandwidth, free business email, hosting up to 100 websites, weekly backups, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and more.

Hostinger offers 1 one-click installation for a few software like WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, and more. They also have a their own AI builder, that helps you to create your website easily and quickly.

Another important thing is customer support, Hostinger provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and ticket system.

IONOS Overview

Ionos Web Hosting

IONOS is another well-known web hosting company that offers a wide range of hosting services and solutions. They have over 8 million customers worldwide and more than 90,000 servers in their data centers.

Their most basic web hosting plan starts at $5/month and offers features like a free domain, SSL certificate, 100 email accounts, 24/7 customer support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

IONOS also offers a website builder that allows you to create your website easily without any coding skills required. They also offer 1-click installation for popular software like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Like Hostinger, IONOS also provides 24/7 free customer support to fix their customer issues within a few minutes.


When it comes to features, both Hostinger and IONOS offer a wide range of tools and services to help you build and manage your website efficiently. Let’s take a closer look at some key features offered by these two hosting providers:

Hostinger Features

  • Maximum Performance (Up to 10x)
  • Up to 200 GB NVMe Storage
  • Daily Backups ($25.08 value)
  • Unlimited Free SSL
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Email
  • Free Domain ($9.99 value)
  • Free CDN
  • Free 1-click WordPress Installation
  • Drag&Drop Website Builder
  • AI Website Creation
  • Free Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection ($9.99 value)
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

IONOS Features

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited databases
  • Enhanced CPU & MEM resources
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Free Wildcard SSL certificate
  • Daily backup and recovery
  • Free 24/7 support

Pricing Plan

IONOS and Hostinger both of this hosting company offer the most affordable web hosting services. Both of these two companies provide different pricing plans for their shared, VPS, and dedicated server.

IONOS Vs Hostinger: Web Hosting

Hostinger Web Hosting Pricing Plan

Hostinger Web Hosting

Hostinger basic web hosting, the Premium plan comes with $2.49/Month, the Business plan comes with $3.69/Month and the Cloud Startup plan comes at $8.99/Month.

Their Premium plan comes with 100 GB NVMe SSS storage and hosts up to 100 websites, and their Cloud Startup plan comes with 200 GB SSD NVMe Storage and hosts up to 300 websites.

All of the plans come with a free domain name with unlimited SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, free business mail, and 1-click WordPress installation, but the CDN is available for Business and Cloud Startup plans only.

IONOS Web Hosting Pricing Plan

IONOS Web Hosting

IONOS basic web hosting Essential plan comes with $5/month, the Starter plan starts at $7/month, the Plus plan comes with $6.50/month, and their most powerful ultimate plan will cost you $13/month.

Their beginner essential plan allows you to host a single website and provides 10 GB storage, and their most powerful ultimate plan comes with unlimited websites and a storage plan.

All of their four plans come with a free domain name for the first year, a Free Wildcard SSL certificate, daily backups & recovery, and 24/7 customer support.

IONOS Vs Hostinger: VPS Hosting

Hostinger VPS Hosting Pricing Plan

Hostinger VPS Hosting

Hostinger offers four different VPS hosting plans, KVM 1, KVM 2, KVM 4, and KVM 8 and their pricing plan starts at $5.99/month and goes up to $17.99/month.

Their basic plan comes with 1 vCPU core, 4 GB of RAM, and 50 GB NVMe SSD storage, and their powerful KVM 8 plan offers 8 vCPU core, 32 GB of RAM, and 400 GB of NVMe SSD storage.

All four plans offer 1 snapshot, weekly backups, a dedicated IP address, full root access, an AI assistant, a malware scanner, and more.

IONOS VPS Hosting Pricing Plan


IONOS comes with six different VPS hosting plans, VPS Linux XS, VPS Linux S, VPS Linux M, VPS Linux L, VPS Linux XL, and VPS Linux XXL, the pricing plan of IONOS VPS hosting starts at $2/Month and goes up to $30/Month.

Their basic plan offers 1 CPU core, 1 GB RAM, and 10 GB NVMe storage, and their most powerful plan comes with 12 CPU core, 24 GB of RAM, and 640 GB NVMe storage.

All of their plans come with 1 free domain, SSL certificate, unlimited traffic, and automatic backups. They also have an easy-to-use control panel for managing your VPS server.

IONOS Vs Hostinger: WordPress Hosting

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Pricing Plan

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

Hostinger WordPress hosting comes with almost the same features as their web hosting and comes with three different plans premium, business, and cloud startup plans. That plan comes with $2.49/month, $3.69/month, and $8.99/month respectively.

While the Premium plan is great for small websites, the Business plan also offers hosting up to 100 websites with 100 GB NVMe storage and their powerful Cloud Startup plan can handle up to 300 websites with 200 GB NVMe storage.

All the WordPress hosting plans come with a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 customer support, free SSL certificate, and 1-click WordPress installation.

IONOS WordPress Hosting Pricing Plan

IONOS WordPress Hosting

IONOS offers three different WordPress hosting plans Essentail Grow, and Boost. Their pricing plan starts at $4.5/month for the Essential plan and goes up to $11/month for the Boost plan.

Their essential plan comes with 25 GB storage and can host 1 website, while their most powerful Boost plan comes with 1 website and 75 GB of SSD storage.

All the WordPress hosting plans come with a free domain name for the first year, a free Wildcard SSL certificate, automated backups & recovery, and 24/7 support.

IONOS Vs Hostinger: Performance Test


Hostinger Performance

Hostinger Test GTMetrix

When analyzing the performance of Hostinger through GTmetrix, results show that Hostinger secured an impressive 84% overall performance score. Such a high score underscores their commitment to offering fast loading times which is critical for enhancing user experience and SEO rankings. 

The optimized server infrastructure and technologies such as cache management and the latest PHP versions contribute to this high level of performance.

IONOS Performance

IONOS Test GTMetrix

IONOS, on the other hand, achieved a 74% overall performance score from GTmetrix. While this is slightly lower compared to Hostinger, it still reflects a strong performance indicative of reliable service. 

IONOS is known for its robust server hardware and optimized configurations which continue to provide a solid foundation for most web-based projects.


Hostinger Scalability

Hostinger offers an easy upgrade process where you can simply choose the desired plan and make the payment for it. The upgrade takes effect immediately, and your website’s performance will improve accordingly with the upgraded features.

IONOS Scalability

Similarly, IONOS offers a smooth upgrade process where you can easily switch to a higher plan if your current one is not meeting your needs. The upgrade happens in real time without any downtime or disruptions to your website.


Hostinger Uptime

Hostinger boasts an impressive 99.99% uptime guarantee, underscoring its commitment to providing customers with near-uninterrupted service. 

Such a high uptime percentage translates into less than an hour of potential downtime per year, which is paramount for businesses that demand consistent online visibility and operations.

IONOS Uptime

IONOS provides an uptime guarantee of 99.97%, which is slightly lower than Hostinger’s but still represents a high standard of reliability. This guarantee equates to slightly more than two hours of potential downtime per year, ensuring that clients’ websites remain largely accessible to their users year-round.

Both Hostinger and IONOS understand the importance of uptime for their clients and strive to maintain their servers operational at all times, minimizing any possible disruption that could impact the users’ web performance and business continuity.

Loading Time

Hostinger Loading Time and Speed Performance

Contrastingly, Hostinger showcased superb speed efficiency. With GTmetrix bestowing a B grade and an 84% performance rating, it illuminates the company’s robust speed optimization efforts.

Notably, the site loaded in a mere 329 milliseconds, which is significantly faster than the average load time, thereby enhancing the user experience and potentially boosting SEO rankings.

When evaluated with Google’s PageSpeed Insights, the site maintained its high performance, presenting a swift loading time of 1.4 seconds.

Hostinger’s exceptional scores demonstrate its commitment to providing fast and reliable hosting services.

IONOS Loading Time Analysis

When closely examining the loading time through GTmetrix, IONOS received a C grade with a performance score of 71%.

This metric suggests that while IONOS offers solid uptime and scalability, there is room for improvement in the area of speed optimization.

The website’s load time clocked in at approximately 2 seconds, which meets the generally recommended load time for user retention but may not be as competitive in scenarios where speed is a critical factor.

Ease of Use


Hostinger hPanel

In 2024, most web hosting providers are making their custom control panels to provide the best user experience. One such example is Hostinger’s hPanel.

This control panel offers a clean, easy-to-use interface with all the necessary features and tools easily accessible for beginners and experts alike.

With 1-click installations for popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, users can get their website up and running in no time. The hPanel also has a drag-and-drop website builder for those who prefer to create their websites without coding.

Hostinger also offers its own custom AI website builder that helps you create a professional website with no coding skills required.


IONOS Control Panel

IONOS uses the popular Plesk control panel, which is known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features.

As like Hostinger, IONOS also offers a 1-click installer for popular applications like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

For those who prefer to design their websites without coding, IONOS offers the Weebly website builder with drag-and-drop functionality.

IONOS Vs Hostinger: Security and Backups Overview


Hostinger takes security seriously, providing a free SSL certificate with its hosting plans. This ensures that data between your site and its users is encrypted.

DDoS protection is baked into their service, guarding against common cyber threats. With Hostinger, your website is fortified against these attacks.

Their partnership with Cloudflare provides protected nameservers, further enhancing website security. Daily backups are available on selected plans, safeguarding your data against loss.

Advanced security measures include a malware scanner and SiteLock, keeping your site clean and safe. Free WHOIS privacy conceals personal information, while 2FA adds an extra layer of account security.


IONOS demonstrates a strong commitment to security by including a free SSL certificate with all hosting plans. This encryption safeguards data as it moves between the user’s site and their audience.

Additionally, IONOS offers DDoS protection to defend against disruptive cyber threats. Their partnership with Cloudflare ensures users benefit from protected nameserver services.

Daily backups are another key feature, though offered selectively across hosting plans. These backups offer peace of mind through data preservation.

Other security features include a malware scanner and SiteLock for preventing unauthorized access to users’ websites. WHOIS privacy protection is also provided at no extra cost, concealing personal information associated with the domain.

IONOS enhances its safety measures with a WAF (Web Application Firewall), adding a strong shield against application-level attacks. To further secure user accounts, they implement 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), which requires a second form of user verification.

Customer Support


Hostinger takes pride in offering comprehensive customer support, available 24/7 to assist users with any queries or technical issues they may encounter. They provide an array of support channels to ensure that help is always within reach:

  • Email: Users can reach out to Hostinger’s support team at any time via email. The team aims to respond promptly, providing detailed and helpful guidance to resolve concerns quickly.
  • Live Chat: For immediate assistance, Hostinger’s live chat feature allows users to connect with a support agent in real-time. This service ensures quick solutions and personalized support.
  • Support Tickets: Customers can submit support tickets through Hostinger’s control panel. This system allows for easy tracking of ongoing issues and structured communication.
  • Community Forum: Hostinger’s community forum is a platform for users to discuss topics, share solutions, and find answers to common questions, with contributions from both support staff and fellow users.
  • Video Tutorials: Hostinger provides an extensive library of video tutorials that guide users through various processes, from setting up an account to managing advanced features.
  • Knowledge Base: Lastly, their comprehensive knowledge base offers articles, guides, and FAQs that help users troubleshoot problems and learn how to make the most of Hostinger’s hosting services.

With these support options, Hostinger exhibits dedication to customer satisfaction and ensures that resources are readily available for any level of technical expertise.


IONOS stands out with its comprehensive customer support, which mirrors the dedication seen in Hostinger. The service is available around the clock, 24/7, providing numerous channels for support to accommodate every user’s preference:

  • Email: Customers have the option to contact the IONOS support team via email, ensuring that assistance is only a message away, regardless of time.
  • Phone Call: For direct and on-the-spot assistance, users can call the support team and speak to a representative for immediate guidance.
  • Live Chat: IONOS’s live chat is a quick way to get in touch with support, providing real-time problem-solving from knowledgeable agents.
  • Support Ticket: The ticketing system allows for an organized approach to issue resolution, with a trackable record of the conversation and solutions provided.
  • Community Forum: The IONOS forum serves as a collaborative space where users can exchange advice, tips, and solutions, with participation from support team members.
  • Video Tutorials: An array of video tutorials exists to help users navigate through various functions and to facilitate a better understanding of the services IONOS offers.
  • Knowledge Base: A comprehensive knowledge base comprised of articles, guides, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) offers self-service support for those who wish to find answers independently.

Each of these support avenues reinforces IONOS’s commitment to user satisfaction and service reliability, making sure that customers have access to the help they need whenever they encounter any challenges.


Hope you love this tutorial and you’ve now enough information to make an informed decision on which hosting provider is the best fit for your website.

Both Hostinger and IONOS offer reliable, secure, and feature-rich hosting services at competitive prices. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and individual needs.

But if you ask which is the best web hosting company, then we suggest you go with Hostinger web hosting, Because of their unbeatable price, excellent performance, and customer support.

We hope this guide has given you enough information, and you can decide which web hosting is perfect for you by reading our IONOS vs Hostinger comparison.

Still, if you’ve any further questions then, feel free to contact us via comment, live chat, contact form, or social media. Thank you.

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