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How To Get FREE Hosting On Hostinger

Hostinger is the world’s most popular and biggest web hosting company well known for providing the best web hosting services at affordable prices.

Do you know that Hostinger also offers free web hosting services? That’s right, you can get FREE hosting on Hostinger and enjoy all the benefits of a paid plan without spending a single penny.

If you want to get free web hosting from Hostinger without spending a single bucks, this tutorial is for you.

This guide will discuss How To Get Free Hosting On Hostinger and take your first step toward establishing an online presence.

Before diving into the steps of getting free hosting on Hostinger, it’s essential to understand why Hostinger is the best choice for free hosting.

Hostinger offers reliable and high-performance web hosting services with advanced security features, an easy-to-use control panel, and 24/7 customer support.

Their free hosting plan also comes with a generous amount of storage and bandwidth, making it suitable for personal websites and small businesses.

Moreover, Hostinger uses the latest technology and offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring that your website is always up and running.

How To Get FREE Hosting On Hostinger's 000webhost

To get free hosting from Hostinger, you need to go to Hostinger Free Hosting page.

Hostinger Free Hosting

After coming to this page, you need to select your web hosting plan. To get free hosting from Hostinger, you need to go with the Free Website Hosting plan, and then click on the Get Free Hosting button.


After clicking on the “Get Free Hosting” button, you’ll come to this page. Then you need to create a free account on 000webhost. To create an account on 000webhost, you need to provide your Email address, Password, and Repeat password. And then click on the Signup button.

000webhost welcome page

When you create your free account on 000webhost, you’ll be redirected to this page. After coming to this page click on the “Start Now” button.

Create website on 000webhost

After coming to this page, you need to provide your website name as a 000webhost subdomain, provide your password, and lastly click on the “create” button.

Prefer website

Hostinger free hosting allows you to install WordPress or you can also go with a custom website builder. But we’re going with WordPress and click on the Select button.

000webhost WordPress login

Now you need to provide your WordPress admin username and password. Which you’ll be using to login into your WordPress dashboard.

Your free website is ready to go

Congratulations! You have successfully created your free website on Hostinger’s 000webhost using WordPress. Now you can start building and designing your website with the help of most popular website builder WordPress.

Is Hostinger Free Hosting Right for You?

Another important question is free hosting suitable for your website?

While free hosting may seem attractive, it’s essential to understand that it has its limitations.

Hostinger Free Hosting Limitation

For example, you may not get a custom domain name and have to use a subdomain provided by the host. Also, you’ll get maximum bandwidth of 3000 MB, 300 MB of storage, and 10000 Inodes.

Moreover, free hosting is best for personal websites or small businesses with minimal traffic and basic website needs. If you require more resources and features


You can get free hosting from Hostinger sub-brand without a domain.

You can’t host on Hostinger for free, but you can get free hosting from its sub-brand

You can get free hosting from Hostinger’s sub-brand


Hope this tutorial on How To Get FREE Hosting On Hostinger was helpful for you.

Now you can easily get free hosting from Hostinger and start building your online presence without spending any money. Remember creating a free website on Hostinger is not a good option for those who want to build a professional website and need more resources.

However, if you just want to try Hostinger free hosting for study purposes and practice, then it’s an excellent place to start.

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